Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pinch Me, Please!

This was me yesterday. Maybe it's all the good ju-ju and karma I've been stockpiling the last few months but I've never had such an overwhelming and exciting day where I had the manic urge to run around my house dancing and singing. It's no wonder I'm DOG TIRED today and barely able to breath from all the heart racing and head spinning. So what happened? Let me show you....

First off, I gathered enough to courage to send out a copy of my short story Without Mercy for a beta read and review. It's officially been set for a November 15th release but the impatient person I am, I wanted to know sooner what everyone thinks. Once the email was sent, I felt so nervous and then I received the message "Hey Bel, I've downloaded it to my Nook. It looks good." A quick trip to my email and what do I find??

That is MY story on that ereader... something I wrote! I can't begin to describe how validating it was to see that or how rewarding it felt to know this was going to become real. I'm a doubting Thomas, I thought it'd never happen and this was such an amazing way to say "Yes, Belinda... keep going. You're about to realize your dreams!" First major SQUEE of the day!

A little later I get the message, "Bels, there's something wrong with your story." My stomach sank and then I whooped when I kept reading, "IT WASN'T LONG ENOUGH!" Are you one of those people who can have a million people tell you something is good but you still have those moments of insecurites? It was at that moment I could imagine my BFF Lacey holding up a sign saying, "I told you so.... ROCKSTAR" Yeah, I need to work on that.

Shortly after that, I got my FIRST EVER reader review!! It was about this time that everything started getting a little surreal and I'd wondered if I'd fallen into the Twilight zone or something. A quick check and there it was on Goodreads under the Dream On book link:

Review by Stephanie Overton ~ 5 stars

"The Sneak Peek Gods were looking down on me today!

I got the wonderful gift of being allowed a sneak peek into the up coming release of Dream On, an Anthology of short stories.

So, what should appear in my inbox . . but an ARC of Without Mercy by Belinda Boring.

Darcy and Jasmine were only suppose to run into town for a quick stop and come right back. Mason, the pack Alpha and future mate of Darcy, had "fought" with Darcy about this very topic. He didn't want them out without back up, but he gave in and allowed them to go . . Now, Darcy is wishing she hadn't fought for this freedom. Staring down the barrel of a gun and no possible way to call for back up, Darcy tries to pull together a plan. . .

You won't want to miss how this story plays out. Be prepared to feel a handful of emotions come rushing at you while you read this short tale of Pride loyalty.

I for one will patiently await for more from this up and coming author.

Ok, so I never wait patiently for anything ."

Second major SQUEE for the day!

As if I couldn't get more excited, my book cover for Broken Promises FINALLY became official. This book (and series) is such a labor of love for me and I've wanted the perfect cover. I thought I had it but Hell decided to drag me in and some tough decisions had to be made. Thank goodness, I was able to have something created that not only has the EXACT feel I wanted but has made it mandatory the story I write matches it. The intensity I feel when I connect with the story and characters, the seductiveness I was after and heat I needed, is all right there on the cover. I am BEYOND happy with it and it features my favorite model and all time good guy, Jimmy Thomas. Want to see?

Hot as heck where all I want to do is stare all day and lick my screen! This has been such a team effort and a HUGE thanks go to Elizabeth Sharp, for braving the streets late one night to get the perfect alley shot. To Lacey Weatherford, who stayed up all night and braved the person "snoring" beside her and the helpful critiques from none other than Jimmy Thomas. Big smoochies to you all.... except for you Jimmy because if I do, I just might melt all over the place. Either that, or get a little "carried away" *blushes* Have you seen him ladies? Third major SQUEE of the day.

So there you have it. The day where I felt the constant need to pinch myself and one that will go down as unforgetable. Good thing about sharing it here is I now have it recorded, so each time doubt comes kicking down my door, I'll just reread this and know "Bels, you're on your way!" Happy writing everyone!


  1. Congratulations!!! May the squees keep coming!

  2. It's moments like these that make the hell we go through all worth it. I'm so thrilled for you Belinda! There's nowhere to go but up, my dear friend! Shoot for the stars and then go past them. :)

  3. Fantastic! Congratulations! Milk it for all it's worth!

  4. Cool!!! What a way to start! So happy for you Belinda! :)

  5. I knew you could do it!!!! Congrats, job well done, so no more doubting Thomas allowed. Can't wait to get a signed copy of "Broken Promises" when it's released :-)