Saturday, February 26, 2011

Every Story Needs Some Visual Inspiration

I'm an extremely visual person. It's how I learn best so it doesn't surprise me in the least that when I find myself in a writing slump, that a well found image can kick start my Muse again.

One of the things I quickly realized as I began to take my writing seriously is that if I could see it and hold it in my hands, writing was so much easier for me because it made everything more real. When you put an actual  face on a character, it makes them human and helps form a stronger connection... well for me anyway.

So one of the first things I do when I wake up from a dream - after I jot down the images I remember and free write a lose story line - I start thinking about what my characters look like. I try to see where my heart is reaching, what kind of emotions each person will hold and I let me mind wander over physical attributes. Sometimes I know straight away what I'm looking for and there are those frustrating moments where I sit looking through endless searches for the perfect photo.

When it was time to do this with Broken Promises, it wasn't hard at all.. I knew who I wanted and nothing beat the feeling I got as each one clicked. So as I begin to write again, it makes sense that I should pull out the photos of my characters so I could look at them. Just like the music play list I have, just a quick glance of them already has me excited and I wanted to share them *smiles*

*These images were put together solely for my own use*

Are you the same when you're writing?
Do you look for faces for your characters?

Feel free to share

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  1. Love it. Whenever I start a new project I make a folder on my computer with images of actors that could play characters, the houses they live in, and anything else I can find. That way if I start to lose focus or who they are in my mind I can look back and get myself on the same page... same line...same bloody word (couldn't resist Barrons has changed this line for me forever).