Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Am A Writer - A Much Needed Declaration!

Add a laptop and I swear, this could be a picture of me having a "what the heck am I thinking!" moment. You know how those go - you're in the middle of creating something wonderful and just for spite, Mr. Doubt strides in and sneers at you. You take a look at what you have and you begin to shake - "Is it good enough? Do I sound stupid? Will my beloved book be ripped to shreds if it's not perfect?" All the while, Mr Doubt paces about you and when he notices you're fighting his influence, he throws in the deal breaker - that one thought that stings the most. For me, that thought is "I am not a writer... who am I fooling?"  Gets me EVERY time and Mr. Doubt can be pretty ruthless with it, especially now that I've reaffirmed my goals to finish Broken Promises.

I was talking with someone today and it's such a common thought amongst us all. It helps so much knowing I'm not alone and it gives me the strength to look Mr Doubt back in the eye and blow him a huge, old RASPBERRY.  I love the saying "As a man thinketh, so he is" I think that's the key to conquering fear and doubt - if I affirm myself, if I remind myself of what I am and the potential I have, then that's who I'll be. Mr Doubt only has the power I give him. So in the spirit of that thought...

Hello, my name is Belinda and

Here is what else I think:

I have a voice and a strong imagination.
I know how to access my heart.
I have a beautiful muse.
I deserve to have my creativity published.
I'm not embarrassed to share my talent.
I have something valuable to offer.

So take that Mr. Doubt - be gone and bother me no more!


  1. Good for you! I recently had the same visit from Mr. Doubt, and he took a good couple days from me. But like you, I had to remind myself that I am a writer, and a soon to be published one at that. So don't let Mr. Doubt get you down. I read your excerpt the other day. It was quite good! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Now that you have kicked Mr. Doubt out the door, push through and get it done!!!! We have close to the same word count right now and I had to deal with Mr. Too Busy and Mr. Procrastanation the last two weeks.

  3. Some days I think Mr. Doubt is a long lost friend who moved in and overstayed his visit. I needed this today. Love the reaffirmations. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. :) <-- You know why I'm smiling! <3

    Mr. Doubt and I have broken up today ... but it's one of those abusive relationships that I, for some odd reason, keep giving in and go back to him. I really need Mr. Inspiration and Mr. 'You-Can-Do-It' to start courting me. Maybe I need to stop listening to Mr. Doubt's hunky whispering words and actually leave him in the dust forever! <3<3

  5. Oh, Boy. I know Mr. Doubt very well! I was asked the other day what I am doing and I hesitated before answering. "I'm writing," I mumbled. Dang it, I am proud of my book and the hard work I have been putting into it. Next time someone asks I promised myself that I would launch into a giant description about Mortal Obligation and I didn't care whether they really cared or not!

    Mr. Doubt is not welcome in my head any longer!

  6. Bels.... WAY TO GO!!! I love this post! It was a total motivator for me! Thank you!

  7. lol I LOVE this post! You are adorable nad don't well hate Mr. Doubt? He's such a viscious creature. :-P

  8. I'm so happy i found your blog! I must say you hit the nail on the head. I just started writing six months ago. And after finishing my first book, Mr. Doubt definitely played me like a fiddle. I didn't have confidence in my story so i filed it away and began another. I'm happy to say that my 2nd book is going a lot smoother and my confidence is back, but I'll remember your words should his pessimistic presence visit again.