Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sample Sunday #2

Something I wrote to go along with a giveaway I hosted:

Ravish Me

The feel of the wall at my back warned me that there would be no more retreating. The dance Daniel and I had been doing over the last few months had finally come to an end and judging from the look of hungry triumph in Daniel’s eyes, he knew that he had me right where he wanted me.
Unable to look away, I licked my lips in anticipation as I watched his curve into that sexy smirk I loved so much and a fiery streak of heat shot through my body.
Taking that final step, he pressed himself against me, pinning me to the wall with the hard length of his body and with both of his hands on either side of my head, he leaned in close to nuzzle into my hair. 
“Just say the words, Beth” he whispered  as he laid a trail of hot kisses up and down my neck, pausing slightly to lick and taste my skin.
With a groan, Daniel moved his hands, fisting one in my hair and the other one around my waist, pulling me tightly into him, pulling me closer. He didn’t need to say anything because I knew what he was waiting for, what words he was wanting to hear.
“Daniel.” I spoke, my voice barely louder than a whisper.
He stopped and with both my hands, I gently guided his face so I could look into his eyes. Knowing what I said next would change everything between us, I leaned forward and lightly brushed my lips against his, pausing for just one more moment before softly adding, “Ravish me”

Blessings on you and your Muse this coming week!


  1. I like your short. Is this an idea for one of your books? Did Beth get ravished? Is Daniel single?

  2. Oh, I need a like button for Paige! lmao

    I like it! But where's the rest of it? ;)You can't end it there can you? Heh heh heh

  3. LOL I was running a giveaway for some kissing books and wanted to add a kiss to introduce it. I was going to share one from the many books I own but got overwhelmed so I said "Screw it" and wrote one myself. One of the comments I got from it made my day - the follower had loved it and had tried googling it because she wanted to read the book it was from *grins* No book... just my imagination.

    Hmm maybe Daniel should have a brother... I could write a menage trois? LOL I didn't think I could survive doing that. I blush enough reading it let alone writing it LOL

    Thanks for the support guys. It helps.. ALOT!