Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Mock Covers!

I am so excited. I have completely fallen in love with Jimmy Thomas - a romance cover model who is amazing! He saw a niche in the market and created a company where he creates romance stock photos to then sell to the public. My BFF and I could seriously live on his site, each picture making us swoon. You would think it would be expensive to buy him but NOPE, just $15 an image!! Crazy, right? So with the free time I had off today, I designed two book covers for future stories. Please note: I'm a complete novice on Photoshop - doing this I wanted something visual to inspire me. Once it's time to publish, these will be tidied up by the fabulous Elizabeth Sharp, graphic design extraordinaire *grins*

So what do you think?

* If you're interested seeing more of Jimmy's work, go to Romance Novel Covers *


  1. I love him too! And he's so affordable. LOL I'm using an image of his on my next novella, Love's Master. He's yummy! Love the covers! I told my cover designer that next to the writing, the cover designing is the most fun.

  2. I'm clicking the LICK . . I mean LIKE button.

  3. Yes...I do believe Jimmy would make a fine Cabana boy...Loving the covers!!!

  4. He's turning into the next Fabio, only actually hot. ;)

  5. oh yea I could stare at him for hours

  6. Okay, you girls are very naughty! Anyway, I like th covers, but for aesthic reasons!

    Good luck with your writing Belinda. Come and visit me sometime!

    Darrell Pitt