Sunday, May 8, 2011

Progress Update - Broken Promises

A little snippet

“Look at me, Bree.” he ordered. Quinn’s voice had lost everything that made him the man I loved. It was harsh and cold, totally void of any emotion. If it wasn’t for the fact I knew it was him, I would have thought it was stranger talking to me.
“No Quinn, I’m won’t.” Maybe defiance wasn’t the way to go but I couldn’t let him think he had total control over the situation. I continued to stand there with my eyes closed, taking in deep slow breaths to steady my beating heart.
There was a long moment of silence where if my body wasn't so in tuned with Quinn’s, I could have been standing alone. But I knew he was there and he was waiting.
“I know you’re there, Quinn and I’m not going to open my eyes so you might as well just let me leave.” I knew it was a long shot, there was no way he was letting me go.
The silence was deafening. I frowned, doubting my ability to sense him when I heard him move slightly. Next I heard a whimper that turned into a gasp. Something was happening and as much as it killed me, I kept my eyes closed.
“Bree? It’s happening again, isn’t it? Oh my gosh, have I hurt you?” The small flicker of hope I had grew brighter as I heard Quinn finally speak to me.
“Bree, why didn’t you run when I told you to?” he asked. “I really could have hurt you.” With those few words, the confusion and sorrow in Quinn’s voice melted away what little resistance I held onto. I opened my eyes with the hope I’d see brown ones looking back at me.
I crumpled into myself as his cold blue eyes bore into mine. Quinn began to chuckle and took a step closer to me.
“Surprise, Bree.” He moved his finger in a mock wave, a smirk spread across his face. He didn’t even look the same anymore. He laughed again as he added, “And they said I couldn’t act?”



  1. Teasers are a booger you know that? Why you tease? You're so naughty.